August 4, 2022
Snapchat engagement

Snapchat Engagement Growing, New Report Reveals

Snapchat engagement is increasing, already passing rival Twitter in daily usage last year, but the social platform remains down compared to Instagram users…

Although a majority of users ignore Snapchat ads, engagement is growing, according to a new report. The latest quarterly measurements by Snaplytics reveals the platform’s 158 million daily users are quite active. Average use of the messaging app is 20 to 30 minutes per day and brands are posting an average of 13 stories each month.

New Report Shows Snapchat Engagement on the Rise

The study includes 500 brands, which posted over 24,000 stories, consisting of more than 217,000 snaps. The survey seeks to find an, “understanding how [users engage] Snapchat and what level of engagement to expect.”

Of all the brands posting on the service, which is the most popular among the teen demographic, 55 percent posted only twice per week. The study finds Wednesday through Sunday are the most popular days of the week.

On average, Snapchat users actively engage content, with a story open rate of 54.8 percent. That’s coupled with an incredible 88 percent completion rate. However, this metric might be less than straightforward. Users could skip with the platform’s Auto Advance feature.

The average number a story receives is 11 snaps, but 50 percent of all brand stories obtain 6 or fewer snaps. Of all content posted to Snapchat, 61 percent is video, while images represent the remaining 39 percent.

Snapchat bests rival Twitter in the number of active daily users. The messaging service boasts 158 million active daily users, while microblog Twitter claims approximately 136.4 million active daily users. In 2016, Instagram had 300 million daily users, nearly twice that of Snapchat.

The most recent Snapchat IPO valuation estimates the service’s worth to range between $19 billion and $22 billion. It’s speculated each stock share price ranges between $14 and $16 each. 

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