May 1, 2021
Snapchat Friendship Profiles

Snapchat Rolls Out Friendship Profiles to Shine a Spotlight on Relationships

Snapchat Friendship Profiles roll out to the mobile app, along with new Bitmoji, to increase user engagement on the platform…

Looking to up its rate of engagement and to attract more users, Snapchat is introducing a new feature called Friendship Profiles. It gives users the power to celebrate relationships with close friends on the platform. 

Snapchat Friendship Profiles Introduced

Snapchat Friendship Profiles surfaces content users and their connections have saved since they’ve been on the site. This includes message chats, pictures, videos, along with other content. The memories appear privately and are accessible by tapping on a connection’s Bitmoji.

“In each Friendship Profile, you’ll find the images, videos, messages, links, and more that you and your friends have saved in Chat, all in one place. Friendship Profiles make it easy to find your favorite memories and the important information you’ve saved over time. It’s the fastest way to find the highlights of your friendship.”

Snapchat Friendship Profiles are now rolling out across the globe. But, that’s not all the company is introducing. The digital property is also debuting new Bitmoji content. One is Bitmoji Stories, a comic book-style compilation which include users’ Bitmoji and their friends. The new Bitmoji Stories will begin to appear inside the Discover feed starting today. (However, they will only be available to English speakers, at first.)

Additionally, Snapchat is adding Bitmoji Merch. It allows users to customize t-shirts, mugs, shower curtains, and phone cases. Bitmoji Merch will first launch on iOS in the United States.

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