April 29, 2021
Snapchat group video chat

Video Chat with as Many as 16 People on the New Snapchat Group Session

The new Snapchat group video chat supports up to 16 participants and group voice calls can include up to 32 people at one time…

Today, Snapchat unveiled group video chat for up to 16 people. Of course, it sports the platform’s popular filters and is super-simple to use. Just tap on the video icon in any group chat or initiate a call with a couple of people, then invite others to join.

Snapchat Group Video Chat Introduced

The new Snapchat group video feature isn’t the only addition to the platform. Now, Snap supports group voice, with up to 32 people simultaneously. And, users can easily toggle between the two formats. Meaning group participants can go from voice to video and video to voice.

Snap first introduced group voice and video chat back in 2016. Since that time, there are millions of calls made each and every day. It’s possible the timing of the release is tied to the recent and numerous Facebook scandals. Such a move might just entice people to switch over to the ephemeral image and video app.

Additionally, Snap is bringing @mentions to its experience. So, users can tag one another inside Snaps and Stories by including the ampersat sign before usernames. When someone is tagged with the @ sign, that user is notified.

The new group video chat will roll out worldwide this week.

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