May 26, 2022
Snapchat Growth Outpaces Facebook and Twitter

Facebook Lost DAUs while Twitter Gained but Snapchat Grew its DAUs by 18%

Snapchat experienced higher growth in the first quarter of 2022, Twitter also expanded its daily active users, but Facebook shed DUAs…

Snap Inc. released its financial results for Q1 2022. The company affirmed that it’s growing faster than Facebook (now Meta) and Twitter with a daily active user base increase of over 2% in America as well as 15%. However, both companies reported losses during Q1 which might be attributed to their monetization strategy where users are turning away from traditional advertising channels on social media sites due to poor ROI measures offered by brands today.

Snapchat Growth Outpaces Facebook and Twitter

Snapchat grew its daily active users or DAUs by 18% in the first quarter. That pushed its user base up to 332 million. However, those gains are smaller than the previous five quarters when Snap grew by over 20% continuously. Meanwhile, Facebook reported its first loss in daily active users last quarter. This represents a substantial shift in how people are interacting with social media and the advertising dollars that supply revenues.

Snap Inc. stated it is more concerned with its revenue, even though it increased 38% year over year to reach $1.06 billion. The company reported it was on track to hit 44% growth since Q1 2021. But, many advertisers paused their campaigns after Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24th. Snap CFO Derek Andersen explained:

“We believe the impact of the war in Ukraine on input costs, marketing budgets and overall economic competence has been significant, and that it is difficult to predict its impact on a forward-looking basis.”

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