September 22, 2021
Snapchat internal user data

Snapchat is Really Struggling, Newly Leaked Internal Document Shows

Recently leaked Snapchat internal user data clearly demonstrates the company is faltering in a big way, with key metrics sinking…

It appears Instagram Stories, a Snapchat clone, is killing Snapchat in more ways than one. A huge internal document dump shows poor morale, zero Stories posting growth, and at-best sluggish user growth.

Snapchat Internal User Data Reveals Big Trouble

Snapchat continues to demonstrate poor performance. Its Q2 2017 earnings report revealed it only added 7.3 million DAUs or daily active users to reach 173 million. The social platform experienced a 4.2 percent rate of growth. But this marks a decline from Q1, when it grew by 5 percent to claim 166 million DAUs.

What’s more,¬†all total, Snap, Inc., lost $443 million in Q2, which represents almost four-times the amount of a year earlier, when the figure stood at a $116 million loss in Q2 2016.

Now, recently leaked internal data shows even more trouble for the company. This data, which measures activity from April to mid-September of last year, contains some disturbing figures. For instance, the Snap Map live location sharing and geotagged content search shrunk from a high of 35 million DUVs or daily unique viewers, to 19 million since its June 2017 launch. Moreover, only 11 percent of the apps users engaged the feature.

Similarly, the Discover section, a platform for daily editions by professional publishers, hit 38 million in July. But, fell to 34 million daily users, totaling just 19 percent of all Snapchat users.

However, it’s not all bad news. The app grew in its average usage minutes, going from 32.7 to 34.8 from April to September. The number of daily views also increased, rising from approximately 3.9 billion to 4.6 billion. That represents an increase of 17.9 percent, compared to the less impressive 7 percent total user growth during the same five month period. Plus, daily Snaps increased from 2.08 billion to 2.21 billion. Although, users were 64 percent more likely to send private snaps to friends, rather than broadcast Stories.