December 8, 2021
Snapchat millennial use

Snapchat Millennial Use Highest in US over Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn

A new survey reveals Snapchat millennial use is preferred over Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn mobile apps combined in the United States…

Over 50 percent of millennials in the US go to Snapchat before competitors LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram. Snapchat millennial use is the go-to action for nearly 10,000 college students study participants, according to data by LendEDU.

Snapchat Millennial Use Dominates Competitor Mobile Apps, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, Study Finds

The LendEDU survey found 58 percent check Snapchat first. Instagram ranked second with 27 percent, Facebook third with 13 percent, and LinkedIn fourth with just 2 percent. The latter three combined equal 42 percent, a full 16 percent short of Snapchat.

Snapchat millennial use chart
Credit: LendEDU

“Overall, Snap’s access and importance to millennials will be the driving force behind their success in the stock market,” LendEDU, an online marketplace for student loans and student loan refinancing wrote in its report.

The financial entity asked 9,381 current college students, the following question, “You open your phone and have a notification badge on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and LinkedIn…which do you click first?”

Facebook remains the dominant social network with about 1.7 billion monthly active users, compared to Snap’s 158 million monthly active users. The majority of Snapchat users are aged 18-to-34 years old, according to the parent company. On average, this particular demographic checks the Snapchat mobile app 18 per day, amounting to 25 to 30 minutes per day. Users under 20 years old check the app on average, 20 times per day for a total of over 30 minutes.

These findings coincide with a recent report that Snapchat engagement is growing.

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