October 1, 2022
Snapchat object recognition

Snapchat Object Recognition Expanded for Filter Suggestions

Snapchat object recognition now sports more identification abilities to offer filter suggestions for its flagship app users…

Snapchat now uses object recognition to identify what’s inside users’ photos to offer up relevant filter suggestions. For instance, snapping a picture of food will trigger suggested filters with captions like, “what diet?”

Snapchat Object Recognition for Suggesting Filters Expands

Parent company Snap, Inc., confirmed the filters began rolling out to users last week, according to Mashable. However, the company failed to provide a detailed list of which objects trigger the tool. Some user testing reveals pets, food, and holiday destinations do set off the mechanism. Snap will likely add more categories in the future as more users engage the option.

Snap used object recognition before. Certain objects and events triggered it. For example, a search for “basketball” returned basketball games. This ability, paired with other tools like augmented reality, is another way to keep users engaged. It’s a strategy to go against competitors such as Instagram.

It’s also a way to open revenue streams. Last year, patents filed by Snap described ways for companies to associate their brand filters with everyday objects. One patent application described how brands like Nescafe and Keurig could sponsor a filter for a user’s coffee pic.

Recently, Snapchat announced a big, soon-to-come app redesign. The company also introduced Context Cards back in October.

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