September 16, 2022
Snapchat permanent public posts

Snapchat Mulling Over Idea to Make Public Posts Permanent

Snapchat permanent public posts just might become a reality, as the company considers the option for both photos and videos…

Snapchat is actively thinking about introducing a permanent pic and video option, according to Reuters. But, that’s not all it’s considering. Sources familiar with the idea say it’s also possible Snapchat might reveal the identities of users who publish public posts.

Snapchat Permanent Public Posts under Consideration

Currently, Snapchat only shows usernames — these can be totally anonymous. The changes would only apply to content shared to “Our Story,” the option which allows posts to be viewed by people outside the originator’s circle of friends.

This is completely at odds with the appeal of Snapchat, which was made popular through ephemeral content, disappearing after 24 hours. Presently, users have the option to create public content that remains visible for up to 90 days.

Snapchat is considering the change due to its relationship with the company’s news partners. Those entities say it’s the nature of the temporary posts which makes it hard to work with the social platform. Therefore, such a feature would help them serve one another better as permanent content is more easy to monetize with ads.

It remains unknown if Snapchat will actually enact the changes.

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