November 26, 2021
Snapchat Snap Maps web version

Watch Snap Maps without a Phone on the Web Right Now

A new Snapchat Snap Maps web version goes live starting today, so users no longer need to rely on a phone to track the activity of others…

Snapchat introduced Snap Maps to mixed reactions. Some saw it as a privacy violation. Other’s didn’t much care. Now, the company is furthering its push to make its content available outside the native mobile app.

Snapchat Snap Maps Web Version Rolls Out

It’s a desktop version of Snap Maps and anyone with an internet connection can view it. Snap Maps initially rolled out over the summer. It debuted as a new way to track friends. Not only does it show friends’ locations, it also included public stories from around the globe. But, for this web version, there are no usernames displayed. 

People can simply open the map and click on any given bubble. That action will display any public stories around the particular location. It also includes a weather-radar-esq feature to show user activity by relative volume. What’s more the new Snapchat Snap Maps are live. Meaning what people see isn’t from the time it was published.

Additionally, it’s important to note, this doesn’t display actual individual locations. It’s simply public story contributions. This is purposeful because Snap states user privacy is paramount.

At this time, it’s not exactly clear how popular Snap Maps are with users. Back in January, leaked documents revealed big time trouble swirling internally. Snap Maps gained 30 million DAUs or daily active users when it launched in June of last year. But, that shrunk to 19 million by September. So, it remains a guess how this move will impact its usership.