November 2, 2022
new Snapchat features

Snapchat Finally attempts to Turn the Tables and Starts Testing Instagram-Like Features to Clone

New Snapchat features, modeled after what’s available over on Instagram, are currently under testing, including “Charms” and portrait mode…

For once, it appears Snapchat is copying Facebook subsidiary social platform Instagram, testing features which it might bring to its interface.

Snapchat Spotted Testing Instagram-Style Features

App researcher Jane Manchun Wong took to Twitter to post a few screenshots of these new options.

One new tool is portrait mode: 

Rival Instagram introduced this feature in the spring, but Snapchat is playing around with it now.

Then, there’s “Batch Capture.” It allows users to post multiple stories at once. Simply tap on the “+” sign to add more pics to create a bunch.

Also, the company is working on an option called “Charms.” It’s a fun friend feature:

Snapchat recently rolled out another option to up its rate of engagement and to attract more users. It’s a new feature called Friendship Profiles. It gives users the power to celebrate relationships with close friends on the platform.

The newest options are still in testing, so there’s no guarantee they’ll make their way out to stable release.

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