June 22, 2022
Snapchat Stories camera roll white frame

Snapchat Just Removed the White Frame from Older Content in Concession to Instagram

The familiar Snapchat Stories camera roll white frame, which represented older content will no longer appear as the company continues to lose out to rival Instagram…

In what looks like a concession to Facebook, Snapchat Stories won’t include a white frame around older stories posted from the camera roll. Snapchat is rolling out an update that removes the white border from its iOS, with Android to follow.

Snapchat Stories Camera Roll White Frame Removed

The company tells The Verge this change is for aesthetic purposes. But, given Instagram never had any type of subtle hint in tagging older content, it certainly seems that it’s another move to keep pace. 

Snapchat, as people know, is totally centered around real-time sharing. It’s the very reason the app opens up to the camera in the first place. Of course, with this system, it’s designed to prod users into sharing in the moment. That’s why older content contained a white frame. It told others images and videos were actually shot earlier.

With the new update, Snaps posted from the camera roll are now upload just as they appeared when taken. But, it isn’t exactly ideal. For instance, horizontal pictures are automatically rotated after being imported. And, there’s no way to reorient them. Now, snaps posted from the camera roll will contain a “From Camera Roll” and “From Memories” tag.

Additionally, the latest update includes a new option to save inside chats. Simply long-press on a text chat to see the option to copy the text to save. Furthermore, users can now see their friends on Snap Map within a group chat (but they enable location sharing).