October 3, 2022
Snapchat Stories Everywhere

Select Snapchat Users can Now Share Some Stories Outside the App

Snapchat Stories Everywhere debuts today, at least for some users, who can now share Stories outside the ephemeral mobile app…

Starting today, the new Snapchat Stories Everywhere option is available. But, not to all users. At the beginning of the month, reports claimed Snap Inc, the parent company, was developing a new tool called “Stories Everywhere.” And, it would let users share Stories outside the app itself. Now, it’s here. However, not everyone will see it just yet. 

Snapchat Stories Everywhere Feature Goes Live

Beginning today, it’s possible to share some public Stories through links on Snapchat.com. Eligible content includes Official Stories, along with Our Stories inside the Discover tab. Additionally, users can share some content found in Search Stories. (It’s important to note that Snapchat states these are only include “at launch,” which strongly suggests more options will become available.)

The option goes live today for any user running the redesign. That includes people in the test markets of Australia and Canada. But, it will also roll out to others over the next few weeks as the redesign become more widely available on Android and iOS.

Snapchat explains it’s doing this to showcase how the app works in order to appeal to those who aren’t on the platform. In other words, the company is attempting to gain more users. This will likewise give more access to media outlets, who can also show the public what’s available.

The new tool comes just a short time after leaked documents revealed the company is sinking. Those documents show Instagram Stories, a Snapchat clone, is killing Snapchat in more ways than one. A huge internal document dump shows poor morale, zero Stories posting growth, and at-best sluggish user growth.

Though Snapchat is near totally centered around ephemeral content, the new Stories Everywhere links won’t live on forever. Our Stories will only last 30 days, as will Search Stories. Official Stories will have a shorter lifespan of just 24 hours.