September 21, 2021
Snapchat Stories Everywhere

Snapchat Developing Option to Share Content Outside the App

A Snapchat ‘Stories Everywhere’ feature is currently in the works, to eventually allow users to share content outside the ephemeral mobile app…

Snapchat isn’t exactly impressing the public with its poor earnings. The company is losing out to rival Instagram in many ways. In fact, Instagram Stories is crushing Snap products in several different metrics, including DAUs or daily active users. But now, the ephemeral app might up its game, according to a recent report by Cheddar.

Snapchat ‘Stories Everywhere’ Product in Active Development

Snap, Inc., the parent company is apparently developing a new option called “Stories Everywhere.” And, it does what it sounds like — allow people to share Snapchat content outside its app. Although it remains in the early stages of development, it’s a promising feature. Other social media apps give users the power to post content on outside platforms. With Snapchat Stories Everywhere, that option will come to the app itself.

One of Snapchat’s best know and beloved features is disappearing Snaps. But, this creates problems for brands and influencers alike. For example, if a brand creates a Story, it’s gone in a matter of hours. That’s not a viable marketing avenue. As a result, Snap Inc. is less appealing to advertisers.

Additionally, Snapchat is also working on a total redesign of its native iOS and Android apps. That change is due to user feedback which routinely states the app is hard to understand and difficult to use. However, no release date has yet been announced.

Snapchat recently released Memories, which allow users to re-post content. It all seems to point to another direction away from disappearing content. And, this certainly reflects what users find most valuable.