November 5, 2022
Snapchat mid-roll video ads

Now, Snapchat will Subject its Users to 3-Minute, Mid-Roll Video Ads

Snapchat is in the process of testing a new ad format for its platform, with 3-minute video mid-roll adverts in closed beta…

Snapchat is now offering a new option to advertisers on its platform to interrupt and arrest users’ attention — whether they want it or not. The popular and ephemeral video sharing platform will give brands three full minutes to bombard users with — wait for it — none other than video ads.

Although the format will offer users a way out after six seconds, it can run as many as three minutes, right in the middle of voluntary content rolls or what’s known as mid-roll ads.

Snapchat Testing 3-Minute Mid-Roll Video Ads in Closed Beta

The new advertising format is called “Extended Play Commercials” and works a lot like ad units already familiar to Snapchat’s user base. But, that doesn’t necessarily mean people will welcome the new interrupt advertising model.

Snapchat is ready to give the branding format a go but is doing so through a limited beta test with a small group of users. The company tells AdWeek:

“The company believes the flexibility that extended play commercials provides to video advertisers will help it gain more share of the overall online video advertising market.”

The company’s new brand video reach initiative is now open to white-listed advertisers through Snapchat’s Ads Manager by request.

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