August 5, 2022
Snapchat testing TikTok styled feature for release later this year

Now, Snapchat is Cloning TikTok, with a Test Run Now before Releasing the Full Feature Later this Year

Snapchat is experimenting with a new short-form video option that mimics TikTok, as it will allow users add songs to their posts…

It looks like Snapchat is about to offer its users a very familiar functionality — the power to add music to their videos. If it sounds like TikTok, that’s because it is very much the same. Parent company Snap Inc., has reportedly landed music rights deals with several major labels, including Warner Music Group, Universal Music Publishing Group, as well as Merlin.

Snapchat is Testing a TikTok-Styled Feature for Release Later this Year

The feature will first debut as a test in New Zealand and Australia starting Monday, according to Bloomberg. Then, it will expand to other countries sometime later on this year. Once available, it will allow users to send their friends Snaps with music that includes things like the album art, song title, and artist’s name. 

The posts will also include links to Linkfire so that people can listen to the full track on music streaming platforms such as Spotify, YouTube Music, Apple Music, SoundCloud, and presumably, others.

A spokesperson for Snapchat wrote in an email statement that at the parent company, they are:

“…always looking for new ways to give Snapchatters creative tools to express themselves. Music is a new dimension they can add to their Snaps, that helps capture feelings and moments they want to share with their real friends.”

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