April 8, 2021
Snapchat Tint Brush

Snapchat Tint Brush, Recoloring Tool Debuts, along with Multi Snap

Snap Inc. is releasing two new options: Snapchat Tint Brush and Multi Snap; the former is a recoloring tool and the latter records multiple snaps seamlessly…

Snapchat is gearing up in an attempt to impress its investors and market experts with its next earnings report, due on August 10th. Today, the company announced three new features, two of which are directly aimed at users. (One is a self-serve ad tool called “Snap Publisher,” which will undoubtedly clutter the app with more advertisements.)

Snapchat Tint Brush, Recoloring Tool Starts Rolling Out, along with Multi Snap, a Multiple Video Snaps Option

Tucked inside the Vertical Toolkit of the Snapchat app, Tint Brush gives users the power to recolor any object in their snaps. Simply tap on the new Tint Brush icon, then choose a color, and trace around the desired object to recolor. Here is a video of Snapchat Tint Brush in-action:

The new Snapchat Multi Snap lets users record multiple video snaps seamlessly. Users can just press and hold the record button longer than ten seconds and the app will automatically film clip after clip. Users can have as many as six clips and the final video plays without any interruption or gap between clips.

Users can also apply different effects to their clips, which carry through the rest of the sequence. Multi Snap also allows users to delete any ten-second video clip but there is not an option to rearrange the order of clips.Users who receive Multi Snap videos are able to skip clips, if desired.

Currently, Snapchat Tint Brush is available for iOS and Android but Multi Snap is only available on iOS. However, Snap Inc. states Multi Snap will also roll out to Android in the near future.

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