January 13, 2022

Snapchat will Experiment with Taking Public and Publisher Content Outside its App for Viewing

Snapchat is about to run a limited test that will make its public and publisher content viewable outside its app…

Sometime in the future, Snapchat might not be such a walled garden. That is, if an upcoming experiment goes well. During the slated test, Snapchat will make some of its content viewable outside its mobile app. But, it will only apply to certain kinds of content, so private individuals’ posts won’t be a part of the trial run. Instead, it will only include content made by publishers and public posts.

Snapchat to Test Making Public Content Viewable Outside its App

Starting next month, people will begin to see content previously only watchable on Snapchat outside its app. While it sounds strange, it’s probably necessary to expand the app’s reach as Facebook and its subsidiaries have grown largely by cloning the original Snap Inc. formula. A spokesperson for Snapchat explains:

“We’re always exploring ways to make it even easier to view Snapchat’s engaging and topical content and share it with your friends.”

What people will see are things like publicly-viewable content that’s already intended for mass consumption, along with original programming by Snapchat, as well as Snapchat’s “Our Stories.” So, instead of being resigned to the Snapchat mobile app, people can watch with a mobile web player or by other means.

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