June 18, 2021
Snapchat voice-operated Lenses

Snapchat just Released New Lenses that Respond to Voice Commands

Newly introduced Snapchat voice-operated Lenses animate when users speak certain commands, as the company continues to experiment with AR…

Snapchat has a type of fixation on AR or augmented reality. And, with good reason. It’s this technology which serves as the app’s biggest appeal. Today, the company introduced voice-operated Lenses. The Lenses prompt users to speak commands such as “hi,” “love,” “okay,” or “wow,” which in-turn, render animations.

Snapchat Voice-Operated Lenses Debut

It’s not exactly perfect, The Verge reports, as some users must speak loudly to initiate the process. Nevertheless, it’s an interesting offering as current Lenses ask users to make a specific face or tap the screen. (It’s common for users to hide when taking a selfie. So, having to announce to everyone within earshot might not catch on.)

In any event, this is another feature which competitors might soon copy. For instance, Instagram just recently jumped into branded AR filters. The Facebook subsidiary already captured the majority market share by cloning Stories, after all. So, it’s not unrealistic to think the company won’t heavily borrow from this technology.

Meanwhile, there’s more going on over at Snap, Inc. Just over a week ago, Snapchat told its users it’s high time to find another way to pay for nude pics. Additionally, the Snapchat app also contains hidden code which points to a partnership with Amazon. Back in June, Snapchat made bitmoji stickers available for all users, even those not on iOS devices.