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Most Americans can’t Actually Differentiate a Human from a Social Media Bot, Study Finds


A new social media bot AI human comparison study finds that most Americans can’t tell the difference between machines and people…

Only 47 percent of adult Americans say they are confident in identifying social media bots from real people, according to a new study from the Pew Research Center.

Social Media Bot AI Human Comparison Study Shows Tech Catching-Up

The company surveyed more than 4,500 adults in the United States. And, the polling found most people just don’t know all that much about the technology. Although, two-thirds report hearing about bots, just 16 percent say they’ve heard a lot about them. A full 34 percent say they’ve never even heard of bots.

The most knowledgeable are younger and men are more likely than women — by 22 percent — to say they’ve heard of the technology. However, since the study relies on self-reporting, there’s a good chance respondents overstate their knowledge.

Of those who have heard about bots, 80 percent believe these are used for bad or nefarious purposes. Interestingly, the more a person tends to know about bots, the less trustful the individual is of them.

Overall, adults seem to have a lack of understanding about what bots do and what roles they might fill in various situations. 

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