May 22, 2022
social media hashtag placement

Social Media Hashtag Placement Survey Data Reveals This

A Search Engine Journal survey finds a plurality of social media users prefer to add hashtags at the end of posts, with inline tagging closely following…

Hashtags are common on social media sites such as microblog Twitter, image-centric Instagram and network giant Facebook. But hashtag placement isn’t universally standard. Some users tag at the end of posts, others tag inline and others use a combination.

Social Media Hashtag Placement Survey Shows Users Slightly Prefer the End Tagging Option

In a recent Twitter audience poll, Search Engine Journal asked followers to share their hashtag placement preferences on Twitter and Instagram:

Out of 116 respondent votes, 41 percent prefer end tagging, 38 percent prefer inline tagging, while 21 percent stated no preference.

Hashtag placement is important, due to its effect on followers. Some users find intermixed or inline tagging disruptive, while others perceive intermixed as more efficient and clean. Users often employ a mixture of options by network.

Twitter recently introduced an Explore tab to its platform, while Instagram just provided a look into its four factor feed algorithm.  

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