July 3, 2022
social media operator hashtag

See the First #Hashtag as the Social Media Operator Turns 10 Years Old Today

The social media operator hashtag is ten years old today, first introduced by Chris Messina via a simple Tweet in 2007 on microblog Twitter…

Parents with children under ten, take notice, they are actually younger than the hashtag. Today marks the tenth anniversary of the ubiquitous social media operator. Don’t know what a social media operator is? Well, these are those familiar symbols used widely, like the ampersat or “@.”

Social Media Operator Hashtag Celebrates 10th Anniversary

The hashtag first appeared in the following Tweet when technologist Chris Messina asked about using it to effectively group conversations on Twitter.

Everyday, an average of 125 million hashtags go out, according to Twitter. The most used are #NowPlaying, claiming more than 1 billion shares along with #FollowFriday, with more than half a billion shares. Additional favorites also include #TheWalkingDead, #StarWars, #NFL, and #SuperBowl.

Of course, the hashtag came to use for brands, in attempts to make a message go viral. The social media operator has even worked its way into the vernacular. 

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