September 10, 2021
iOS 13-1-3 iPhone users complain of severe battery drain after update

Some iPhone Owners Running iOS 13.1.3 Complain about Severe Battery Drain after Receiving an Update

Some iPhone owners have taken to online forums and social media to complain about severe battery drain on their devices after installing an update…

Upgrading to the latest version of the Apple mobile iOS has some iPhone users experiencing substantial battery drain. It’s unclear what’s at the root of the bug or how many devices are impacted, but there are numerous user reports on Apple’s forums and social media.

Some iOS 13-1-3 iPhone Users Complain of Severe Battery Drain after Update

It seems some iPhone owners, who’ve updated their mobile phones to version 13.1.3 are suffering from severe battery drain. 

“Using an iPhone 7+ and since updating to 13.1.3 my battery life is awful. I used to go eight hours with some light use and only use 13% on average. Today, it’s used 30% and the phone is running warm.”

It’s affecting different models, but does have the update to 13.1.3 in common.

“Unfortunately my iPhone XSmax after last update of 13.1.3 the battery is draining very fast and never was like that ,even the battery performance before one day of ios 13 was 100% and now is 98%.the update should fix problems not create problems, please apple fix this issue As Soon As Possible.”

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