September 21, 2022
Some Older PCs won't Support the New Windows 11 Operating System

Don’t Count on Running the New Windows 11 On that Old Windows 10 Machine, because it Just Won’t Work

Microsoft says Windows 11 is a free upgrade, but some PC owners will need to buy entirely new hardware to support the new operating system…

Microsoft is releasing Windows 11 later this year. This, after abruptly cancelling all updates to Windows 10 early in June. The software giant endured and experienced a number of problems with Windows 10 and put a lot of time and effort into revamping the operating system, even going so far as to make Android apps compatible with the coming new OS. Microsoft also boasts the upgrade from Windows 10 to Windows 11 will be free.

Some Older PCs won’t Support the New Windows 11 Operating System

Microsoft is heavily marketing Windows 11, highlighting all its new and improved features. It’s definitely aesthetically pleasing and demos are impressive in speed and overall performance. But, with such big changes comes a big demand on the hardware to power the entire experience. Which means Windows 11 requires some of the most cutting-edge tech to run it.

Machines with Intel 6th generation Skylake and earlier CPUs and non-Zen AMD processors will not meet the Windows 11 requirements. Instead, Windows 11 requires Intel 8th gen Coffee Lake or Zen 2 CPUs. Windows 11 won’t even run on 7th-gen processors. Of course, this means consumers with older PCs won’t be able to enjoy the upgrade to Windows 11. That is, unless they purchase new computers.

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