July 28, 2021
Some Pixel 4 Owners Experiencing Rapid Battery Drain and Random Device Shutdowns

Some Pixel 4 Owners Complaining about Sudden Battery Discharges and Random Device Shutdowns

Some Pixel 4 owners are taking to online forums and social media to complain about their devices losing battery life and abruptly shutting down…

Google receives a whole lot of praise over is Pixel line — both the flagship devices and the budget ‘a’ phones. They boast a number of features, with the cameras delivering some of the best quality — in both models. There are also other favorites, such as intercepting robocalls, screening unknown callers, the newest Google Assistant capabilities, and the latest version of Android. But, there’s been a number of problems.

Some Pixel 4 Owners Experiencing Rapid Battery Drain and Random Device Shutdowns

Google Pixel phones have experienced some truly bizarre issues — like stray pink lines across the display. Additionally, touchscreen bugs on the 4a. Now, there’s another problem — sudden battery drain and random device shutdowns. Although there doesn’t seem to be a single, recurring experience, the most common is a situation is when the battery charge indicator gets stuck around 50 percent.

When this occurs, some owners report seeing a question mark inside the battery charge indicator. While other don’t experience the same. Regardless, the devices may or may not rapidly discharge and abruptly shut down. Though some have said applying pressure to the “G” logo on the back temporarily relieves the problem, this obviously isn’t a permanent fix.

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