September 16, 2022
YouTube Trending section to feature more creators

YouTube will Change its Trending Section to Make Half of the Recommendations Original Creators

YouTube has announced it will change-up its Trending section to make half of video recommendations come from creators on the platform…

YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki has written a blog post which details the site’s goals for 2019. Wojcicki specifically addressed the performance of the Trending section.

Soon, Half of the Videos in YouTube’s Trending Section will be from Creators

Wojcicki took note of the criticism of the Trending area and how it does not appear to deliver relevant suggestions to users. Also, how it seems to display content from the same creators time and time again:

“One thing to keep in mind is that trending is meant to show content that a wide range of viewers would find interesting. So we’re especially careful about the safety of these videos and we ensure they don’t contain profanity or mature content. Eligible videos are then ranked based on a calculation of their ‘temperature’—how quickly that video is generating views.”

To give creators more due exposure, one change will ensure at least half the videos in the Trending section are from YouTubers:

“We also plan to make sure this is a diverse set of creators. And we’ll continue to ramp up our Creator on the Rise and Gaming Creator on the Rise initiatives.”

YouTube will also help its creators to better understand what its considers to be advertiser friendly:

“And on monetization, we’ll continue to focus on increasing the accuracy of the classifiers representing the advertising friendly guidelines, something we know is important for all creators. Since January, we’ve already improved the precision of the classifier by 25%.”

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