January 15, 2022
Spam Calls and Email Experienced a Huge Increase in 2020

Of Course, 2020 is the Year Spam Calls and Email Hit an All-Time High

Spam calls and email saw a steep rise in 2020 around the globe, with Brazil being the most targeted and the US is sadly catching up…

Fresh research by spam blocking app Truecaller reveals the volume of spam email and robocalls rose substantially this year, most likely attributable to the COVID-19 pandemic. The study’s findings contradict a previous trend that caused the number of robocalls and spam mail to decrease, due to global shutdowns, largely leaving many call centers vacant of employees. However, experts predicted that phenomenon would abruptly end and now, the numbers prove those prognostications right.

Spam Calls and Email Experienced a Huge Increase in 2020

Truecaller analyzed 145 billion calls and text messages sent worldwide across the first ten months of 2020. The survey revealed spam calls rose by a whopping 159% between January and October. Of those, scammers accounted for approximately 33% of calls. Meanwhile, sales calls made up just under 25% of calls. Additionally, unwanted solicitations from insurance, financial services, and debt collection were also commonly received.

The problem is a worldwide security, privacy, and nuisance issue. Brazil remained the most effected, with a 9% increase in spam calls, compared to 2019. However, the United States isn’t all that far behind and is effectively catching up. Spam calls in the US rose by 56% compared to last year, moving the country up from eighth to second in the most placed and received.

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