New Couples can Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger Valentine's Day features

Credit: Facebook

New Facebook Messenger Valentine’s Day features promise to make it all-the-more special, with plenty of emoji, filters, and more fluff…

Congratulations to new couples! Just update a relationship status tomorrow and Facebook Messenger states it will make it worthwhile. In a new blog post, Facebook announces that beginning tomorrow, if a user indicates they are in a romantic relationship, a Messenger notification will pop-up, prompting a conversation.

Special Facebook Messenger Valentine’s Day Features Announced

The flare appears after making a new romantic relationship “FB official.” However, none of it is really all that new. It’s just a repackaging of some familiar options, like custom colors, emoji, filters, and more. But, here’s how it reads on the official blog:

It’s another example of Facebook trying to capture as much personal attention as possible. A gamble which might just pay off. After all, Facebook Messenger surpassed 1.2 billion MAUs or monthly active users back in April of last year. That’s more than double the number of Facebook-owned Instagram, which has 600 million.

Here’s a video of the Facebook Messenger Valentine’s Day features in-action:

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