September 22, 2021
Spotify Canvas Stories Instagram support coming

Spofity Stories Loop Videos are Coming to Instagram

Spotify released Canvas looping videos last fall in beta and now, the tool will be available to Instagram for creators…

Streaming service Spotify introduce a new feature last fall via a beta release. Called “Canvas,” it represented a new way for artists to better enhance their content by playing a short looping video over a song while it plays.

Spotify Canvas Stories Instagram Support coming Soon

Soon, Spotify will allow creators to showcase their artistic endeavors through short looping videos. But, instead of being confined to the streaming platform, they’ll be supported over on Instagram.

Spotify Canvas replaces album art with a more visual experience. But, it’s definitely a feature which fans either like or don’t like. Some people really prefer the looping video to static album art. Others don’t like it, mostly because they believe it’s a distraction.

Now, the option will come to Instagram. Artists who are part of the beta Canvas beta program can share their own looping videos to Instagram. Right now, it’s only available on the iOS platform. However, it will also come to Android in the near future.

Spotify claims it’s feature is definitely worthwhile, stating that high-quality Canvas users have experienced an increase of up to 200 percent in their track shares.

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