October 27, 2021
Spotify Daily Drive

Spotify Daily Drive Test Combines Music, News, and Podcasts

The new Spotify Daily Drive, apparently rolled out to a limited release in Portuguese, puts together news, music, and podcasts…

One of Spotify’s most attractive features is its algorithmic prowess. The streaming service can easily put together a long string of tracks without users having to pick and choose. Now, the company is taking it a step further with a new option.

Spotify Daily Drive Test Combines Music, News, and Podcasts

Spotify Daily Drive, an apparent take off from Discover Weekly, combines music, news, and podcasts into one diverse but enjoyable experience.

Right now, it’s only showing up in Portuguese but could well make it to wide release. If so, the move could bring new users to the platform. And, expand its premium subscription service paying user base.

Back in April, the Spotify premium subscription count hit 100 million, and now claims a total of about 217 million users.

Sadly, despite the fact Spotify is widening its listener base, it has yet to turn reach into profit. The company lost $158 in the first quarter of the year — even though it earned $493 million in revenue in December of last year. By comparison, Spotify lost $188 million in the first quarter of 2018.

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