November 7, 2022
Spotify Discover Weekly playlist brand sponsors

Spotify to Put a New Spin on Advertising, allowing Brands to Sponsor its Discover Weekly Playlist

Spotify Discover Weekly playlist is now beta testing a new program to let brands sponsor the popular stream of songs to users…

Spotify has announced it’s started testing a new ad type in Discover Weekly, its personalized playlist. The program allows brands to sponsor the playlist instead of just running advertisements.

Spotify Discover Weekly Playlist Brand Sponsor Opportunity Announced

It’s a solid opportunity because of its popularity. There are more than double Discover Weekly listeners than people who choose the regular experience.

Spotify’s Sponsored Playlist ad product is touted as an effective marketing tool to reach more consumers:

“With Sponsored Playlist, your brand connects with listeners on their favorite playlists. We’ll help you choose which best aligns with your target audience, whether they’re tastemakers tuning into New Music Friday, gym rats listening to Power Workout, students cramming for exams with Brain Food, and more. Our playlists already have a passionate, loyal fan base, ensuring that your brand is amplified and heard.”

The streaming service further states brands who sponsor Discover Weekly will also have a presence during ad breaks and not just within the playlist itself.

Spotify recently surpassed 200 million monthly active users. So, it’s exploring new revenue streams beyond just going after new subscriptions.

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