May 22, 2022
Spotify HiFi Tier Delayed without New Release Details

Don’t Expect Spotify’s New HiFi Tier to Debut Anytime Soon

Spotify initially revealed its plans to launch a new HiFi tier for its premium subscribers last year in February and it’s no closer to happening now…

Spotify announced a new Hi-Fi or high-quality streaming option nearly a year ago. But, almost 12 months later, there’s no official word about its future, even nothing about the company’s plans to offer its own version of its biggest competitors. Touted as being audiophile-grade, Spotify hi-fi would ostensibly provide the highest quality in music. But, the streaming service is mum about the project.

Spotify HiFi Tier Delayed without New Release Details

Spotify Hi-Fi premium service would be an alternative to rivals, like Apple, Tidal, and YouTube Music. Each of these companies already has high-quality audio options, with both Apple and YouTube Music being available for free to premium subscribers. However, with Spotify hi-fi, premium subscribers would have to pay an additional rate in order to get a high-quality experience.

Since there’s no official word about its future, only speculation remains. Some think that the company needs more time to develop it while others believe that it just might not be able to carve out a viable niche in the marketplace. Regardless, the company isn’t saying anything about it, so anyone looking forward to the option will just have to wait.

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