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Spotify Revamped its Mobile App for iOS and it’s Much Simpler to Use

Spotify iOS Redesign Makes the App Easier to Navigate

Credit: PCMag UK

Spotify has released a newly refreshed version of its iOS mobile application, which makes it easier to use, ditching text-based buttons…

Music streaming service Spotify released a redesign of its mobile app for iOS, which prioritizes universal icons and visual indicators over text. It’s a marked change from previous iterations and is, at least, partly intended to make the UI a more accessible experience for users around the globe.

Spotify iOS Redesign Makes the App Easier to Navigate

The newly redesigned Spotify app for iOS no longer relies on the word-based “shuffle play” button that appears on an artist or playlist page. Instead, it’s been replaced with a simple green button that includes both the play and shuffle shortcuts.

Meanwhile, Spotify Premium now groups together the “like,” “play,” and “download” icons in one place. Plus, there’s a new download button for listening without a WiFi connection (the same one that’s already present on podcasts).

Spotify announces its new look, writing:

It’s bigger. It’s bolder. It’s better than ever. No, we’re not talking about some artist’s new sound, but about the refreshed look that iOS users will enjoy on Spotify mobile. Both Free and Premium subscribers will benefit from a more streamlined, easy-to-use interface with fresh designs to actionable icons that will make playing your favorite song or playlist as simple as the tap of a button.”

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