July 3, 2022
Spotify Kids adds blocking and listening history parental features

Spotify Kids App Now includes Blocking and Listening History Parental Features

The Spotify Kids app, intended for children 3 years old and older, now has two new parental control features…

Streaming service Spotify is expanding its parental controls for its children’s app. Spotify Kids now contains two new and useful tools to help parents prevent their young ones from experiencing content that’s inappropriate. These are additions to the already existing parental controls, which just make it easier to manage.

Spotify Kids Adds Blocking and Listening History Parental Features

The Spotify Kids app now lets parents block content right through the listening history section. Previously, it was only possible to choose between content for younger or older children. Going forward, parents will have the power to tweak things at a more granular level, keeping their kids from consuming specific titles.

Both new feature reside in the PIN-protected “Grown Ups” section, which was re-branded from the former name, “Parental Settings.” When accessed, it’s possible for parents to select a child’s account they want to manage. The Listening History details all the tracks listened to in the past 3 months. Parents can selectively block any listed and the tracks will no longer be streamed.

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