September 20, 2022
Spotify Licenses Chernin Entertainment to Adapt its Podcasts into Movies and TV Shows

Yep, Spotify is Turning its Podcasts into Actual Movies and TV Shows

Spotify has entered into an agreement with a creative production company to make some of its podcasts into movies and television shows…

Podcasts have become among the most popular forms of entertainment and information. So much, that one of the leading podcasts providers, Spotify, has announced a multi-year deal with Chernin Entertainment to develop some of its line up into full-blown movies and television shows. This, as studios expand their exploration for new intellectual property to develop.

Spotify Licenses Chernin Entertainment to Adapt its Podcasts into Movies and TV Shows

The new Spotify-Chernin Entertainment deal involves the two companies jointly hiring a development executive to work inside Spotify. That individual will be tasked with finding candidates. For instance, Chernin is already working on an adaptation of The Clearing, a podcast produced by Pineapple Street Media and Spotify-owned Gimlet Media. It tells a story of a woman who discovers the truth of father’s secret past of being a murderer. Spotify announced the partnership on its official blog: 

“As podcasting consumption has grown worldwide, so has the trend of podcasts serving as the source material for movies, TV shows, and news broadcasts for an always-on audio medium. Today, Spotify is excited to turn that volume up to eleven with the news that we are partnering with Chernin Entertainment to draw from our hundreds of original series for film, television and digital series.”

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