July 24, 2021
Spotify music to Facebook Stories sharing

Spotify Users can Now Share Music to Facebook Stories

Spotify users can now share short music clips to their Facebook Stories, following the same ability for Instagram, Twitter, and more…

It’s now possible to share 15-seconds music clips from Spotify to Facebook Stories. The option is live, following an announcement regarding the same last year.

Spotify Music to Facebook Stories Sharing goes Live

The new Spotify Music to Facebook Stories follows the same treatment for Instagram, along with Twitter, WhatsApp, and others.

After a song has been shared from Spotify to Facebook Stories, viewers can tap on “Play on Spotify” button to hear more.

The mutual collaboration appears to be working for all parties involved. Since it rolled out for Instagram, more people have engaged both platforms.

Previously, Spotify users could share to Facebook Stories in the past. But, the music streaming service pulled the option. Now, it’s back. However, it only works with single tracks for audio previews. Meaning, sharing albums, playlists, and more won’t play clips.

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