October 1, 2022

Spotify can Now Search for Songs a Different Way than by Title or Artist — Here’s How

Spotify listeners can now search for songs without having to know the name of the artist or the title of the track…

Practically everyone has experienced the frustrating situation of hearing a song they’re unfamiliar with but like. Searching for it then entails a cumbersome process of trying to identify the artist or searching for what seems like the title. This, only to learn after much annoyance that its title and/or artist is completely unexpected. Of course, searching by lyrics is always an option. (That is, if the lyrics are heard correctly.) 

Spotify Now Supports Searching for Songs by Lyrics

Now, Spotify has a solution for such predicaments. Instead of searching by track title or by the artist’s name, it’s possible to search by lyrics. Simply input the lyrics into Spotify’s search field and it will bring up possible matches. If this sounds familiar, that’s because Apple Music has offered the same functionality since late 2018. (YouTube Music also supports lyrics search, too.)

In addition to lyrics search, Spotify has also launched a new set of top music charts. To see what’s most popular, just go over to @spotifycharts Twitter account. It shows the top albums of the week, along with the top 50 songs of the week.

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