January 26, 2021
Spotify Offering New Subscribers 3 Free Premium Months and Ten Dollars for Prior Users

Spotify is Now Offering New Subscribers 3 Months of Premium Service for Free, $10 for Prior Customers

Streaming service Spotify is offering any new customers three months of its Premium plan for free, and $10 for previous subscribers…

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to disrupt day-to-day life as quarantines stretch on, streaming services are enjoying a lot of consumption. So, it’s an ideal time to bring in more customers. Spotify is doing just that and is out with a new offer for new customers opting for a premium-tier subscription.

Spotify Offering New Subscribers 3 Free Premium Months and $10 for Prior Users

Right now, Spotify is offering new members three free months of its premium service. The company is likewise reaching out to previous customers, offering them a discounted price of $10. Additionally, this applies to the $15 family plan (which includes up to six accounts), as well as the $5 student plan that comes with ad-supported Hulu and Showtime.

Anyone who previously signed up and left the premium platform before April 14th, will get three months of premium for the price of just one month. These deals are available until June 30th and regular rates will kick in after the third month.

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