October 23, 2021
Spotify phone-to-speaker switch test

Spotify is Experimenting with Phone to Home Audio Seamless Switching

Spotify is currently running a test which would give users the ability to seamlessly switch between their phones and home speakers…

Swedish media-services provider Spotify is now experimenting with a new option to make it easier to switch playback between devices.

Spotify Phone-to-Speaker Switch Test Underway

The new Spotify playback switch tool works by setting up a favorite device, like a home speaker. Whenever the user is in proximity, the app will detect said favorite device and sound a notification.

This means if the user is streaming music and comes within range, a notification will appear, prompting a switch to the home speaker.

With such handiness, it makes the entire process of switching playback devices seamless. Just tap a single button and it’s done without any further action.

Right now, the option remains in testing and attempts by a few publications to make it work have resulted in a few bugs. Overall though, it appears to work as intended.

Apple too, has its own plans to launch a similar feature. It will automatically switch content from an iOS device over to a HomePod. The company unveiled its plans back in January at CES, which will debut with iOS13 this fall.

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