November 5, 2022
Spotify podcast playlists

Spotify Listeners can Now Add Podcasts to their Playlists

Spotify has introduced the ability to add podcasts to playlists, giving listeners more granular control over their content consumption…

To celebrate International Podcast Day, Spotify rolled out a new option that allows people to add podcasts to playlists. That means listeners are free to mix their favorite songs and broadcasts. 

Spotify Podcast Playlists Debut

The new Spotify podcast playlist feature is now live and available on the mobile app (the desktop version doesn’t yet support the tool).

Spotify already tested something similar in the past few months. So, this doesn’t come as a big surprise.

“There are more than 3 billion user-generated playlists on Spotify. That means hours upon hours of carefully curated lists of tracks listeners can’t get enough of. Until recently, playlists were exclusive to music. But now, in the true spirit of Audio First, Spotify users can combine music and podcasts on the same playlists.”

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