August 6, 2022
Spotify premium user count

Spotify Premium Subscriber Count Rises to 100 Million, with 217 Million Overall Users

The Spotify premium user count reaches 100 million paying customers and now accounts for just under half of its 217 million total users…

Audio streaming platform Spotify now claims 100 million subscribers. Overall, the service counts a total of 217 million people, with 117 million listening through the ad-supported tier.

Spotify Premium Subscriber Count Rises to 100 Million

Although Spotify launched in India in February and has grown substantially in audience, it’s not all good news. 

Sadly, despite the fact Spotify is widening its listener base, it has yet to turn reach into profit. The company lost $158 in the first quarter of the year — even though it earned $493 million in revenue in December of last year. By comparison, Spotify lost $188 million in the first quarter of 2018.

This space is one which is plagued by trouble. Peers like iHeartRadio have the same problem with earning profits, as well.

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