November 4, 2022
Spotify Social Listening

New Spotify ‘Social Listening’ Music Queue Sharing Option makes its Way from Test to Out in the Wild

Spotify is apparently releasing a new feature called “Social Listening,” which has already been spotted out in the wild…

It looks like Spotify is rolling out a new option called “Social Listening.” The feature, first uncovered by Jane Manchung Wong, basically lets users take control of a host’s playlist.

Spotify ‘Social Listening’ Group Music Queue Sharing Feature Spotted in the Wild

The new Spotify Social Listening tool ostensibly lets people share playlists, with others taking at least some measure of control of playback.

When the feature was first reported, it seemed merely like a limited test. However, it’s already been spotted out in the wild. It comes under “Start a group session,” complete with a “Scan to Join” option.

Although, it doesn’t appear to have rolled out widely. Currently, there are few reports of it showing up but most people can’t duplicate it. So, it’s a wait and see game. That is, until Spotify officially announces it or kills the feature off.

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