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Spotify is Testing a New Feature called “Tastebuds” that Lets Users Explore Friends’ Favorite Music

Spotify Tastebuds test uncovered

Spotify is now experimenting with a new feature, “Tastebuds,” which gives listeners the ability to discover what their friends like…

It appears Spotify is working on a new option that lets people get an inside look at their friends’ musical tastes. Appropriately named “Tastebuds,” the feature was uncovered by none other than Jane Manchun Wong, someone with a penchant for reverse engineering.

Spotify “Tastebuds” Test Uncovered

The new Spotify Tastebuds tool isn’t yet public but a version of it currently resides here, on the web. Simply click the pen icon and search through those followed to see which songs they’ve played most often. Then, add those songs or just keep on browsing.

What’s interesting here is social interactions have never been a major part of the Spotify platform. It’s only been limited to the Activity Feed, a section showing what friends are currently listening to and that’s only on the desktop version.

This being a test, it’s unsure when or if Spotify will release the feature to the public at-large. So, it might or might not become part of the platform sometime in the future.

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