November 8, 2022
Spotify curated podcast playlist test

Spotify Tests Curated Podcast Playlists

Spotify begins experimenting with curated podcast playlists, including original content, along with third-party shows for users to explore…

Just yesterday, Spotify introduced a new feature to a select group of users — curated podcast playlists, according to a report by¬†The Verge. It’s an experiment to help the company determine more ways to introduce new content.

Spotify Tests Curated Podcast Playlists

The new Spotify curated podcast playlists come in five categories: comedy, true crime, “geek culture,” motivation, and mindfulness. Each contains a mixture of Spotify originals and third-party shows.

Additionally, the new Spotify curated podcast playlists are picked out by humans. Although, it’s likely this test will assist the platform with coming up with algorithms to do select content in the future.

The company continues to expand its efforts through similar tests. For instance, it’s been working on bringing curated music playlists to users for some time now. These include Discover Weekly and Release Radar.

Spotify has also bet big with increased personalization and podcasts. And, it’s enjoyed an increase of new song discovery by 35 percent as a result.

For now, it’s just a test but the company could expand it and roll the formats out to all of its users.

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