October 5, 2022
Spotify to Allow Artists and Labels to Promote Tracks in Recommendations

Spotify is Going to Let Artists and Labels Promote Songs in Recommendations

Spotify is about to run a test in which it will give artists and labels the option to promote songs right in the Recommendations section…

In an ongoing effort to capture as much of the audio streaming market as possible, Spotify is about to embark on a bold experiment. The company will soon let artists and labels pay to promote songs on the app’s Recommendations’ page. Spotify this will give labels and entertainers more say in how listeners discover music on its platform. What’s more, it could serve as means to expose people to music they don’t regularly seek out.

Spotify to Allow Artists and Labels to Promote Tracks in Recommendations

The upcoming test will work a bit differently between Spotify and artists and labels than one would probably think. Rather than pay the streaming service an upfront fee, labels and artists will pay to promote songs through reduced royalties. Additionally, they will need to agree to “a promotional recording royalty rate for streams in personalized listening sessions where we provided this service,” Spotify explains.

What’s perhaps the strangest aspect of the new promotion option is the fact that Spotify will not give artists and labels any guarantees about placement. If the platform doesn’t think certain listeners will like promoted songs, it won’t recommend them again. However, if the track performs well — meaning few people skip it — Spotify will continue to prioritize the tune.

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