June 20, 2021
Spotify to ask listeners to select interesting topics in order to recommend podcasts

Spotify is Now Asking Listeners to Identify their Interests in Order to Recommend Podcasts

Spotify is asking its listeners to tell the music streaming service what topics they’re interested in so the platform can recommend podcasts…

With 207 million monthly active users and 96 million paying subscribers, Spotify is the single biggest digital music consumption platform.

But, it wants to expand beyond tunes by recommending podcasts. To do this, the company is asking people to identify what topics they’re most interested in so the streaming service can recommend targeted podcasts.

Spotify to Ask Listeners to Select Interesting Topics in Order to Recommend Podcasts

Starting last week, the company began placing a button on the homepage of the free version. It asks listeners to pick out topics that interest them in order to recommend podcasts.

The button is only showing up for people in ten markets. Those being: the US, Denmark, Great Britain, Brazil, Canada, Sweden, Australia, Mexico, Ireland, and New Zealand. Also, it’s only appearing to listeners who have never listened to a podcast on Spotify before.

The company is testing this approach because it’s quite difficult for users to zero-in on podcasts they’d most be interested in hearing as there’s just too many choices.

And, since Spotify acquired Gimlet Media, Parcast, and Anchor this year, the company already has a vested interest in the overall success of podcasts.

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