October 1, 2022
Squarespace Email Campaigns

Squarespace Now Offers Email Campaigns

The new Squarespace Email Campaigns will help website owners more effectively promote their businesses with seamless integrations…

Starting today, Squarespace users can send email right through the platform. It’s part of an ongoing effort to transform the digital tool into a one-stop spot for business tools. And, the company tells TechCrunch it plans to offer more marketing features in the future. It’s a bold move, given there are already numerous email marketing hubs on the web.

Squarespace Email Campaigns Debut

The new Squarespace Email Campaigns tool will compete with the likes of WordPress, Weebly, Jetpack, and more. But, the advantage here is the fact the company extends its existing platform to offer more options.

It’s proprietary email builder includes customizable templates, a website and blog import tool, as well as responsive design. (The latter meaning emails will appear in a stylish format, regardless if viewed on desktop or mobile device.)

There’s a central dashboard which stores all previous marketing campaigns, a metrics section to see performances, and the ability to reuse layouts. Furthermore, website owners can not only see which emails get opened but which actually drive traffic and purchases transactions. The new tool also sends disclosure reminders and helps businesses in other ways.

Currently, the new service is rolling out to existing customers free-of-charge. Beginning this fall, Squarespace will offer its new email marketing tools as an add-on to any subscription for $8 per month.

Watch the explainer video below: