November 4, 2022
Instagram Threads app

Facebook is Reportedly Developing a Standalone Instagram App Called ‘Threads,’ which Supplies Automatic Updates of Close Friends

Recent news reports state Facebook is working on a new companion messaging app for Instagram, which clones popular Snapchat features…

It looks like Facebook is back to its tried-and-true practice of lifting popular features from competitors to put on its own brand. The social network is reportedly working on a standalone companion messaging app for Instagram called “Threads.”

Standalone Instagram ‘Threads’ App under Testing

Threads will apparently take some of the most popular features from rival Snapchat, complete with ways to keep up with close friends.

It would allow users to share details such as their location, speed, and battery life. Plus, people will likewise have access to the full suite of Instagram creative tools, including text, photos, and video messages.

Facebook already tried to create a standalone messaging app for Instagram once before. The company gave up on Instagram Direct back in May, for example. But Threads looks like it will deliver the best of Instagram and Snapchat in one location. It will also allow users to send updates to friends on lists, something which proved quite successful before.

However, none of this guarantees it will go over with the public. Facebook will only find out by experimentation if it’s worthwhile.

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