June 18, 2021
Facebook user data mishandling

Six State Attorney Generals Investigating Facebook User Data Handling Practices

Facebook mishandling user data isn’t a new concern, in fact, half a dozen states are now investigating the social network for just that…

Several states are now joining the federal government in looking into Facebook. The Attorneys General for Connecticut, Illinois, Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, and North Carolina are now investigating Facebook over how it handles user data. Said investigations come after a number of privacy concerns from various scandals over the past year.

States Investigating Facebook over User Data Mishandling Concerns

Pennsylvania and Illinois have joined an effort by Connecticut into how the digital corporation protects user information. Additionally, New York, New Jersey, and Massachusetts are opening an investigation over other potential violations. However, details have not yet been made public.

Furthermore, North Carolina, is part of a multi-state investigation, but there’s also no details about the case.

This comes at a time when Facebook faces heavy scrutiny from the federal government. The FBI, SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission), and FTC (Federal Trade Commission) are all assisting the United States Department of Justice into a probe of its alleged mishandling of sensitive user data.

Facebook is also fighting more than just legal battles. The social network is likewise battling to retain its market share in North America and to expand in emerging markets.

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