September 10, 2021
Microsoft Windows 1.0

Microsoft is Promoting Windows 1.0 on Social Media and the Internet is Befuddled as to Why

For some unknown reason, Microsoft is actually promoting Windows 1.0 on its social channels and it’s perplexing the internet…

Microsoft is baffling the internet with its rather odd promotion of Windows 1.0 on its social accounts. 

Strange Microsoft Windows 1.0 Tease Confuses the Internet

The team over at Microsoft posted a teaser video on Twitter, which introduced the “all-new Windows 1.0,” which debuted in November of 1985.

It’s a weird move and one that’s probably meant to get press attention. So, the company is up to something. The question, of course, is what that something might be.

Whatever the reason, it’s generating buzz and that’s likely what Microsoft intended.

Ashley Lipman

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