October 1, 2022

Study Finds 77% of All Mobile Searches Done Here

nielsen google study 77 percent mobile searches done from home and workNew York, New York–Nielsen Media Research and Google have teamed-up to learn more about the way people access and use mobile search. The results were a mix between confirming expectations and surprises.

The study was based on 6,000 searches from 426 consumers run through a mobile diary app, which recorded user activity. Participants also sat for exit interviews to give the two companies more insight about their findings.

Results of the survey yielded some impressive figures which SEO teams, advertisers and website designers, will certainly take into consideration. The data suggests a strong trend in favor of mobile and social shares.

Mobile search appears to be replacing desktop search because of its convenience, so long as the content was useful. Users preferred to submit queries on their smartphones instead of desktop computers and even tablets. Of all the searches, 77 percent took place at home or work on a mobile device. And 59 percent of mobile searches were done after 3 p.m., falling to 22 percent between the 8 o’clock hour and midnight.

Conversion rates were higher than expected, with 55 percent happening within only one hour and 63 percent of follow-up actions happening during the same 60 minutes, according to the,¬†“Mobile Search Moments” report. Conversions and follow-ups were also high five hours after the initial search by 81 percent and 84 percent respectively.

The survey likewise found that participants used mobile search 45 percent to make a decision about a purchase, with the number rising to approximately 67 percent when in a store.